Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Questions about mystery person

1, Is the person a women? Is the person a Australian? I s the person an aboriginal people?
2,What is the person's job? What's the person's name? How old is the person?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

My sickness

A few years ago, I remember that was in1998 when I worked in my hometown, I had a heavy cold.
At the beginning of the cold, I had a headache and musleache. Then I started to have high fever. My temperature reached 39 degrees. I felt dizzy and was very cold. I put two sets of quilts on my body but I always felt cold. I ate some medicine, which was similar to panadol, to decrease my body's temperature, but I failed. At the beginning, the temperature was controlled not to increase, but the time in which the temperature was kept normal was very short. Soon, I had high fever again. Like this, I battled with the disease for a week. I lay in bed for a week.I didn't feel like eating anything, I just ate some congee. When I stopped to have fever, I was very weak.
I think my cold was caused by the influenza virus, but at that time there was no particular medicine to fight this virus. But now there is a sort of medicine to fight it. If I have it again, I should take it to treat this disease,I'm sure I won't be tormented for a long time as last time.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Differences and similarities between the three articles

Three articles include similar content, which is about Kylie having breast cancer. But there are some differences. One of them just reports Kylie has breast cancer, uses a photo of Kylie on stage, it has no network advertistment around it. It's true and believable. Another one of them, does not to report similar content but also introduce the story of other two pop stars who battle with cancer. It uses a photo in which Kylie looks melancholic and unhappy. It have some network advertistment around it, they hope the photo can grab people's attention and sell their product. The last article adds a part of content which is about the risk of women to have breast cancer and how women can protect themselves, and give some singer's anecdotes. It hopes this fact which Kylie has cancer can improve women's consciousness to protect themselves. There is a advertistment on the right up corner. It doesn't use photos in the article, and provides some website about protecting breast cancer. This article is highly believable. I think everybody and the media are very concerned about every aspect of famous people's lives, including medical problems. They have to accept this fact no matter whether they are happy or unhappy. This is the price those people who are famous have to pay.

My opinion about topic of forum

In my opinion, women should love themselves including their bodies. They will meet many challengs in their a lives such as getting married and having babies etc. Somtimes these things will threaten women's heath. When women grow old, the denger of getting women's disease, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer etc, increases. I reckon all women shoud do breast self-examination to find some changes about breast in time. They should do pap tests every two years too. They can discrease the risk women have these diseases. It is very important for women's health.
About event media reports about Superstar Kylie Minogue having breast cancer, I reckon they oughtn't do those. That is her personal privacy. Because a person is very unlucky when one has a disease, especially cancer, it's difficult to recover one's health. The media oughtn't disturb her. But Kylie is a superstar, a person who is known by everyone, so the media is interested in everything about her. I think this is a fact she has to face as a public figure .

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A report----Wombat

A report----Wombat
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Wombats are found in Australia. Wombats are marsupial and are one of the most endengered species.
Wombats have hairy noses. Adult wombats are about 30cm tall and 1metre long. Wombats have short poweful legs and strong claws.
Wombats' babies are very tiny when they are born. Babies live in a pouch until they are fully developed.
Wombats like to act at night. Wombats dig a burrow with their sharp claws and sleep there in the daytime.
Wombats eat plants, vegetables and fruits etc.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

About "The Great Wall of China"

I listened to and read this article. In my opinion, the tpye of article is a report. Because this article describes the Great wall's appearence, history, function and symbolic meaning for China as a country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Guy Sebasian was born in Malaysia, his birthday is October26, 1981. He came to Australia in 1987. He is Australian's idol, the name of his new single is "Oh- Oh." The type of music in it is supersonic mish mash of funk, disco, R&B, and pop. I think "flava" means type of music. I know one thing of interesting about him is in 1995 when he studied at High school in Adelaide. He was sky, he has never sung in front of classmates. When he got onto stage, his classmates started pointing and laughing at him. Guy sang. At the end of song, he raised his eyes and looked out at crows, he found his friends and teathers crying. He was Australian Idol winner, and he had some song which is the most popular.So he is famous in Australia.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A postcard to my friend

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I'm having a holiday in Kiama-South of Sydney.The weather's beautiful and the view is fantastic! The food is tasty! Cabin is v convenient and romantic, close to store and beach. We saw a show of a band yesterday-perfect! Waded on beach-the water was cold! Going shopping this afternoon! Don't want to come home! Wish you were here!
Love, Jie


Thursday, 24th of March, 2005
On Friday, partly cloudy with the change of an evening shower or two near the coast. Moderate South to Southwest winds freshening near the coast in the afternoon. The maximum temperature is 21 degree and the minimum is 15 degree. On Saturday, morning coastal shower then fine, Southwest to Southeast winds. A top day of 21 degree, the minimum is 15 degree. On Sunday, fine, mostly sunny, light winds. The minimum temperature is 15 degree and maximum is 23 degree. On monday, mostly fine, mild to warm, light to fresh, the maximum is 21 and minimum is 15 degree. Momday will be a great day for picnic.

The difference between too and very

"Too" is always used in negative way. We use "very" in affirmative way. "Too" means opposed to "very". For example," it is too noisy in this street," this means we hope it is quieter. "Today is too hot," this means we wish the weather becomes cool." The cat is very cute." This means the cat is cute, we like it.

Booking a holiday house


This type of property is a house. The house's name is KAURI & TOTARA. The object-number is 2336. It is at Gold Coast & Shine Coast in Brisbane. It is only 1 km from this house to the shops, 15 km to the beach, 5 km to river and 5 km to lake. There are 5 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. It has 1 queens beds, 2 single beds, 1 bunk bed, 4 bed sofas for additional beds and 2 baby beds. It has 1 shower, 2 wc, 1 washing-machine, 1 kitchen, 1 telephone, 2 radios, 1 TV, 1 garden seat place, 1 barbecue,1 outdoor swimming- pool, 2 parking lot. It provide bed linen, bath towerls, kitchen towels. Wheelchair is accessible. But pets and smoking is not permitted. The price is very cheap, $ 120 per day for 5- 7 night. This price is for up to 6 people. It is suitbable for 2 families . The adress is: TasmanLink Holiday Homes PO BOX 2224 Strathpine AU - 4500 Bridbane . The telephone is 61-7-32855675, Mobile phone : 61-4-19771497.
If you are interested , you can send email about your inquiery to them or call them .